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Lakeside High School

Dekalb County Schools

chapter 13 chem equilibra


Begin going over equilibrium notes 
         - write equilibrium expressions
      - solve for K when reaction is reversed or coefficients are multiplied or divided 
         - solve for Kp when given K


Go over equilibrium problems involving ICE charts; ICE chart practice problems with notes


QUIZ on equilibrium expressions, solving for K, and solving for K when a reaction has been reversed or the coefficients have been changed. 
we continued to go over ICE charts and discussed the meaning of "Q" and how it applies to equilibrium. 
the students worked on ICE charts and most picked up the second ICE chart work (a link to this was posted yesterday)


Student work day - complete ICE chart ws II (attached two days ago)  and AP chem Equilibrium Free Response Question
QUIZ tomorrow: ICE charts  


chemical equilibrium ICE chart quiz - 3 questions
after the quiz students begin to prepare their pippettes for next weeks Le Chatelier's Principle lab


go over Friday's quiz
Notes: Le Chatelier's Principle : Le chatelier ws and free response questions 
CH 13 chemical equilibrium test Thursday