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Lakeside High School

Dekalb County Schools

Tips & Tricks

Online Registration Tips & Tricks

If you are having issues with your online application, here are a few tips for getting your application done.

  • Please be sure to have all required documents ready for upload before starting your application. 
  • The application tends to time out if you have been in it too long so please 

Save as you go. If it times out, you may have to re-enter information and re-upload documents.

  • When entering your home address, type in the street number and street name and wait for your address to be generated/populate and Select your address (highlighted in green) instead of typing it in. This will ensure you are assigned to the correct school. (See example below)
  • Medical Form Section – you must enter either the expiration date of the health form or intended date to have the particular health form submitted to us to continue with the application.


More tips will be added to this list periodically.