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Lakeside High School

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Margaret Verner


Mx. Margaret Verner


Contact Information


Email address:

[email protected]



About Me

Hi! I’m Mx. Verner (the “Mx.” is pronounce “mix). I like puns and memes. I have 2 dogs (and yes, I have pictures of them). I’m a news junkie. I’m big on environmentalism. I love YA novels…and you will too once I’m done with you! We will have independent reading assignments, and I can’t wait to help you pick out books you’ll love (or see what you pick on your own). I’m very understanding—please communicate any concerns or needs you have, and I’m sure we’ll find a way to work it out. 


I teach…


9th Lit/Comp and World Lit/Comp


My assignments are in…


Google Classroom



9th grade Lit/Comp

10th grade World Lit/Comp



I encourage parents to join Google Classroom as well! Codes are in the syllabus.


Check out the highlighted parts of the syllabus for things that are specific to my class.


For a list of texts, just email me!

Do you need extra help?


      Every day:

after school until 3:45

before school at 8:45

Remind codes


3rd: @mxv3

4th: @mxv4

5th: @mxv5

6th: @mxv6

7th: @mxv7