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Lakeside High School

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General Chemistry

General Information

Happy New Year!
For Spring Semester, we will need to have a 1 subject spiral notebook that is at least 8.5 x 11".
Our Learning Targets for the week of 1/8 are as follows:
1) I can define a mole and explain what it is used to do.
2) I can convert between the number of particles and the number of moles.
3) I can find the molar mass of a compound given its formula and convert between mass and moles.
There will be a quiz over these learning targets in the week of 1/16. Date TBD, likely Wednesday or Thursday.
Please look to the sidebar to obtain the worksheets.
On 1/5, the worksheet titled "The Mole" was given out. There is a video that accompanies this worksheet which you can access at the following link: ED TED: How big is a mole? 
On 1/9, Periods 3 and 4 completed the "Mass and Moles Rice Lab". Period 2 did this on 1/11. 
On 1/10, students were given a worksheet based on pages 4 and 6 of the POGIL Packet "Relative Mass and the Mole"