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Ecology Spring


Extra Credit Quizzes

Directions: To earn Extra Credit take the linked quizzes below during the appropriate time frame.

Score 100% on the quiz. Print the page with your score of 100%, write your name on it, make no other marks on it, and turn it in at the start of class during the time period when it is due.

To use the print screen function (if you have trouble printing a score box), press "Print Screen" on the upper right hand of your keyboard, then paste that into a Word document and print the entire screen shot with the score. Please do not email quiz results to me.

If the due date falls during an absence, weekend or school holiday, please make sure you have submitted the quiz PRIOR to that date in order to earn credit.





Topic(s): Natural Selection

Due Dates 1/1-1/31

SEC1d. Relate the role of natural selection to organismal adaptations that are specific to their habitats and describe some examples of coevolution.

Bonus Quizzes:

Extra Copies:

Fun Links:

Organizing Life’s Diversity

The History of Life

The Origin of Species

The History of Life Review

The Origin and Early History of Life

Organizing Life’s Diversity Review

Evidence for Evolution

Diversity and Variation

Classification Quiz

Fossils Quiz

How Organisms Evolve

Evidence of Evolution WS

Shark Dichotomous Key

Variations & Natural Selection Lab 

Evolution Game

Amino Acid Sequences

Current Evolution Article

99.99 The Problem with Antimicrobials

Evolution Crib

Natural Selection GIZMO

Making Cladograms


Classifying Life Info Packet

GIZMO: Natural vs Artificial Selection

GIZMO: Mutations & Selection

Eco Evolution Crib

Shark Dichotomous Key

What killed the Dinosaurs?

Explore Darwin’s Origin of Species

The Mating Game

Riddle of Bones

All in the Family Activity

Kingdom Speed Match Review

Quia Animal Classification Game

Inside a Cell
Interactive animal and plant cell

Dating & Identifying Dino Fossils

Natural Selection Lab

Lizard Natural Selection Virtual Lab

Remediation Videos:

Charles Darwin - The Theory Of Natural Selection

The Theory of Evolution (by Natural Selection) | Cornerstones Education

What is DNA & How Does it Work?

How to Build a Cladogram

Acceleration Videos:

Natural Selection - Crash Course Biology #14

Natural Selection and the Bacterial Resistance

Cladogram Construction

Constructing a Cladogram

Using Cladograms  

12 Days of Evolution Video Series




ECO#5 & ECO#6 & ECO#8

Topic(s): Reproduction & Human Population

Due Dates 1/21-2/21

SEC2a. Evaluate factors that regulate population growth to include intraspecific competition in population growth and population density.

SEC2b. Analyze models that predict population growth.

SEC3b. Explore ecological niches and resource partitioning.

SEC3d. Analyze species diversity as it relates to the stability of ecosystems and communities.

SEC2c. Describe the different life history and reproductive strategies that have evolved in organisms.

Bonus Quizzes:

Extra Copies:

Fun Links:

Cellular Transport and the Cell Cycle

The Cell Cycle

Cell Division

Cell Reproduction


Population Ecology

Population Biology

Population Biology 2


Mitosis & Meiosis Video WS

Asexual vs Sexual Reproduction

Evolution: Why Sex Video WSt

Evolution of Sex: WS

Human Population Growth

Eyes of Nye: Population

Graphing Human Population Growth

Interpreting Ecological Data

Deer:Predation or Starvation

Interpreting Ecological Data

The Lesson of the Kaibab

Draw a Population Pyramid


Control the Cell Cycle

BP: Control the Cell Cycle Game

Grizzly Populations & Tracking



Remediation Resources:

Populations PPT

Demography  PPT

Mitosis & Cytokinesis

Amoeba Sisters Mitosis vs. Meiosis Video

Eyes of Nye: Evolution of Sex Video

Acceleration Resources:



Mitosis: The Movie

Stages of Mitosis




ECO#16 & ECO#19

Topic(s): Climate Change & Habitat Loss

Due Dates 2/15-3/7

SEC5c. Evaluate the causes and impacts on ecosystems of natural and anthropogenic climate change.

SEC5d. Explain the consequences of habitat fragmentation and habitat loss on biodiversity in relation to island biogeography, and apply island biogeography theory to the design of parks and nature preserves.


Bonus Quizzes:

Extra Copies:

Fun Links:

The Greenhouse Effect Pre

Greenhouse Gases & Greenhouse Effect

The Greenhouse Effect

Test Your Climate Change IQ

CO2: It’s a Gas!

Habitat Loss

Carbon Cycle Game

GIZMO: Greenhouse Effect

How Much CO2 Do You Spew?

4 Spheres (Frayer)

4 Spheres Crib Sheet


Climate Challenge:



Bathtub Dynamics & Climate Change:

The Climate Momentum Simulation:

BBC Climate Challenge

Bill Nye's Climate Lab

Challenger Centers - CC Earth 4U

Games for Change: Climate Change

GLOBE: Climate Change

Remediation Resources:

Climate Change Kids

Atmosphere issues

Biosphere Issues

Hydrosphere Issues

Lithosphere issues

Geosphere, biosphere, hydrosphere, atmosphere Rap

Acceleration Resources:

NASA E-clips

Why is soil so important?

TedEd: Carbon Cycle

Carbon Footprint

TedEd: Climate change: Earth's giant game of Tetris

TedEd: How Heavy is Air?

Life in the Soil

The Value of Soil




ECO#18 & ECO#17

Topic(s): Resource Use & Pollution

Due Dates 3/1-4/15

SEC5b. Compare and contrast the ecological impact of sustainable and non-sustainable use of resources, including soil, timber, fish and wild game, mineral resources, and nonrenewable energy.

SEC5a. Describe the sources, environmental impacts, and mitigation measures for major primary and secondary pollutants.


Bonus Quizzes:

Extra Copies:

Fun Links:

Chapter 54

Chapter 55

Interactions of Living Things

Conserving Resources

Interdependence of Organisms

Interactions of Living Things

Biological Diversity and Conservation


Lorax/Earthday Folders

Carbon Cycle Game

Earth’s Environmental Issues Chart

Biology All Around Us

The Lorax (Parts I- IV) 1972 Lorax Movie

Unit II Task 2

Smog City

Recycle City


Public Service Commercial

The Story of Stuff


Acid Rain & Water Quality Lab

Ecosystems, Organisms & Trophic Levels in Biomes Lab

How Much Landfill Space can be saved by Recycling

Coloring in Nature

Oil Import Policy Sim Demo:

Smog City 2:

Carbon Crisis:

Energy Saving Game:

Remediation Videos:

Greenhouse Effect: Smart Learning for All

Making Earthday Everyday

Human Impacts on the Environment


Acceleration Videos:

5 Human Impacts on the Environment: Crash Course Ecology #10, 2

National Resources Defense Council

Top 10 Environmental Issues Facing Our Planet

Urban Farms

Man vs Earth

Colony Collapse Disorder





Topic(s): GMOs

Due Dates 4/1-4/30

SEC5e. Research the ecological impact of agriculture (historical and modern) in the environment and its implications for feeding the world’s population.

Bonus Quizzes:

Extra Copies:

Fun Links:

DNA and Genes

From Genes to Proteins

Chemistry of Gene

DNA Life’s Code

DNA Crossword


Genetic Technology II


GIZMO: Building DNA

GIZMO: Protein Synthesis

GIZMO: DNA Fingerprints

Tour of the Basics

Current DNA Article

Decoding a Message

DNA in My Food

Who Really Cares DNA

DNA Crib Sheet

DNA-PP Synthesis Activity



Cloning Controversy

Cracking the Code of Life

Lab Meat Video

Alien Chromosomes

Classifying Bacteria using Biotechnology Lab

Engineer an Organism

DNA and Genetic Mutations

Engineer a Crop

DNA Fingerprinting: You Be the Judge

Nucleotides Game

Remediation Resources:

Basic Genetics (New Tour of the Basics)

What is DNA and How Does it Work?

What is DNA? - Basics of DNA

Acceleration Resources: