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Lakeside High School

Dekalb County Schools

Chelsea Tallon


Chelsea Tallon


Contact Information


Email Address:

[email protected]

Google Voice Number:

(770) 847-6855

About Me

Hello! This is my fourth year at Lakeside High School. I love reading, traveling, going to concerts, hanging out with my friends, family, and dogs, eating delicious food, roller coasters, sunsets, Harry Potter, spoken word poetry, the University of Tennessee, my plant babies, true crime podcasts, and my students. I’m looking forward to a fun year!


I teach…


9th Grade English and Journalism/ Yearbook


My assignments are in…


Google Classroom (although some will be completed on paper)



 ELA Syllabus 2021 (2).pdf



Follow this link to find my website, on which you will find the weekly slideshows, important dates, and other information about the class: 

Do you need extra help?


Email me, message me on remind, and/or come see me during your advisement period!

Remind codes


All English classes share the same code- @tallonela