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Lakeside High School

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CH 15 Additional Aspects of Equilibria


today we take the FR section of the Acid base equilibria test (easy version!!!) 
Bring chapter 15 notes with you on Monday 
After the test we will look at Buffers  


What is a buffer? How can you determine if a solution will suffice as a buffer? 
How to do ice charts with buffers 
We will go through the first 6 problems of the notes as a class and then students will work on numbers 21,22,23,25,33,35 and 37 of the textbook (chapter 15)  


we will go over the acid base equilibrium test - multiple choice and free response
B lunch today and then to the media center for the college application info meeting.  


today in class we learned how to choose the best species for a buffer and how to make that buffer.
Students will solve buffer problems
Print out the preparation of a buffer lab and complete the pre lab exercises prior to performing the lab
The lab will be on Monday 


students work on buffer problems and preparation of buffer pre lab


students work on buffer problems and preparation of a buffer pre lab; some students will begin the lab


preparation of a buffer lab


student groups finish the buffer lab


titration practice problem for notes  -- these questions are taken directly from your notes where they have been worked out for you. However, in order to REALLY understand we will look closely at them together as a class. (weak acid/strong base titration)
 Complete titration ws and  # 56 in the textbook (chapter 15)  


today in class we will work through the last few pages of the notes - solubility equilibria (Ksp) 
-the textbook can be referenced to solve these problems 
Complete  numbers 77, 81, 91, 97 and 98 from the text 


work day 
learn (on your own) how to choose the appropriate indicator for a titration 
free response answers 1  (this contains answers to three of the question and 2014 (which is the answer to 2014)


Review of AP chem Multiple Choice Questions for this topic
Multiple choice test - this Wednesday 
Free Response test - this Thursday 


Last day of review for ch 15 test


Wednesday = ch. 15 multiple choice
Thursday = ch 15 free response