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Biology Fall Semester

Biology Fall Semester

Extra Credit Quizzes

Directions: To earn Extra Credit take the linked quizzes below during the appropriate time frame. (Since these extra credit quizzes are outside links, sometimes links no longer work. My apologies. If you would like to inform me of a broken link and suggest a link to replace it, please email me. Thank You. Dr. P) 

Score 100% on the quiz. Print the page with your score of 100%, write your name on it, make no other marks on it, and turn it in at the start of class during the time period when it is due.

To use the print screen function (if you have trouble printing a score box), press "Print Screen" on the upper right hand of your keyboard, then paste that into a Word document and print the entire screen shot with the score. Please do not email quiz results to me.

If the due date falls during an absence, weekend or school holiday, please make sure you have submitted the quiz PRIOR to that date in order to earn credit.


Score 100% on the quiz. Take a screen shot of your 100% (showing the ENTIRE page, not just the score) and paste it into a word document. Make sure you type your name in the upper right-hand corner of the Word document.

Paste ALL of the quizzes for which you would like to receive credit in a unit in ONE document, and when you are done save it as a PDF file (save it with YOUR name AND with the title of the Bonus Quiz topic). Upload your completed PDF file to the appropriate VERGE Assignment folder before the due date posted. I will only accept 1 (the 1st) submission per quiz topic (so please do not send me 10 different quizzes in 10 different documents).



Topic: Scientific Method & Inquiry: 

Due Date: due 8/15-8/28

SCSh1. Students will evaluate the importance of curiosity, honesty, openness, and skepticism in science.
 SCSh2. Students will use standard safety practices for all classroom laboratory and field investigations.
 SCSh3. Students will identify and investigate problems scientifically.
 SCSh4. Students use tools and instruments for observing, measuring, and manipulating scientific equipment and materials.
 SCSh5. Students will demonstrate the computation and estimation skills necessary for analyzing data and developing reasonable scientific explanations.
 SCSh7. Students analyze how scientific knowledge is developed.
 SCSh8. Students will understand important features of the process of scientific inquiry.

Bonus Quizzes:

Extra Copies:

Fun Links:

The Study of Life

Introduction to Biology (Spanish)

Introduction to Biology (English)

Nature of Science (English)

Nature of Science (Spanish)

Methods of Science (English)

Methods of Science (Spanish) 


Alphabet Careers

Biomimetics Research

Mealworm Behavior Lab

SciMeth/COL/Class Crib

Effect of Environment GIZMO

Lab safety Brochure

Scientific Method

Scientific Method Animation 

Scientific Method 4 Kids 

Virtual Mealworm Behavior Lab

Dependent & Independent Variables Lab

Lab Safety Rap

The Science of Star Trek 

Remediation Videos:

Independent vs. Dependent Variables

Acceleration Videos:

Research Variables: Dependent, Independent, Control, Extraneous & Moderator






BB#1,                        BB#4

Topic: Cytology (Cell Organelles & Transport)

Due Date: 8/21-9/15

SB1a. Construct an explanation of how cell structures and organelles interact as a system to maintain homeostasis.

SB1d. Plan and carry out investigations to determine the role of cellular transport (e.g., active, passive, and osmosis) in maintaining homeostasis.


Bonus Quizzes:

Extra Copies:

Fun Links:

Cell Structures and their Functions

The Units of Life 

Cell Structure

Cellular Structure and Functions 2

Quiz 1: Cell Structure and Function

Quiz: Parts of the Cell

Quiz: Cell Membrane and the Parts of the Cell

Life's Home: The Cell

Life’s Border: The Plasma Membrane


Cells (a little harder)


Homeostasis & Transport
Cell Membrane & Transport

Cell Analogy

Cell Structure & Function WS

Plasmolysis Lab

Microscope Lab

Cell Organelles WS

Cells: Basic Units of Life Video WS

Cell Membrane Coloring WS

Comparative Cytology Lab

GIZMO: Paramecium

Cells Crib Sheet

Cells the Structures of Life Video WS

Cell Membranes the Boundaries of Life Video WS

Gummy Bear Osmosis

Fluid Mosaic Model

Comparative Cell Lab

Diffusion Comic

Frozen Frogs

Concentration Game

Stem Cell Research

Transport Animation

Why Cells Cooperate

Clickable Cell

Everything you ever wanted to know about cells

Visualizing the Wonder of a Living Cell

Wacky history of cell theory 

Virtual Tour of the Microscope

Virtual Cell Lab

Virtual Cheek Cell Lab

Virtual Microscope Lab Advanced 


Remediation Videos:

Animals Cells Structure & Functions

Eukaryotic Organelles 

Diffusion & Osmosis 

The Cells:Elearnin

Osmosis: Smart Learning for All

Active & Passive Transport


Acceleration Videos:

Cell Structure Interactive

Cells Alive 

The Evolution of Organelles

Cellular Transport

Diffusion & Osmosis  

Diffusion & Osmosis Notes 

Membrane Transport




For extra credit on your Comparative Cell Lab:

  • Take a picture of your bucchal (cheek) cells with your “cellular” device.
  • Label at least 2 organelles on your cells (in your picture).
  • Post your labeled pictured to social media with 1 sentence about why you enjoy learning about cells.
  • Email me a screenshot of your social post with at least 3 comments from other people within a week of submitting your lab.




For extra credit on your Plasmolysis Lab:

  • Take a before and after plasmolysis picture of your Onion cells with your “cellular” device.
  • Label which one is the hypotonic solution and which one is the hypertonic solution.
  • Post your labeled pictured to social media with 1 sentence about why cells are fun.
  • Email me a screenshot of your social post with at least 3 comments from other people within a week of submitting your lab.



For extra credit on your Stomata Lab:

Take a picture of your Plant cells with your “cellular” device.

Make a collage of your Privet upper and lower epidermis and your English Ivy upper and lower epidermis.

Label the guard cells and stomata in the picture.

Label it with the scientific names of the palnts and “What’Stomata in Dr. P’s class”

Post to Social media and send me a link to your post




Topic: Biochemistry/Macromolecules

Due Date: 9/15-9/28

SB1c. Construct arguments supported by evidence to relate the structure of macromolecules to their interactions in carrying out cellular processes.

Bonus Quizzes:

Extra Copies:

Fun Links:


Organic Compounds Word List

GIZMO: Identifying Nutrients

Biochemistry II Video WSt

Elements & Macromolecules Coloring

Mystery of the 7 Deaths

Protein Denaturing Animation

Enzyme Reactions Lab

Remediation Videos:

Enzymes a Fun Introduction

Biomolecules: Proteins  

Biomolecules: Carbohydrates 


Acceleration Videos:

Nucleic Acids & Proteins

Carbohydrates & Lipids 








Topic: Cell Energy (Respiration & Photosynthesis)

Due Date: 19/28-10/15

SB1e. Ask questions to investigate and provide explanations about the roles of photosynthesis and respiration in the cycling of matter and flow of energy within the cell (e.g., single-celled alga).

Bonus Quizzes:

Extra Copies:

Fun Links:

Energy in a Cell

Cellular Energy

Cell Respiration: Releasing Chemical Energy

Cellular Energy Review


Cellular respiration

Photosynthesis & Cell Respiration


Respiration/Photosynthesis Survey

Respiration/Photosynthesis Project

Respiration/Photosynthesis Chart

GIZMO: Plants & Snails

GIZMO: Cell Energy

Counting Leaf Stomata

Falling Leaves

Chloroplasts & Mitochondria Coloring WS


Matching and Concentration

Fuel Cells Video

Energy in a Cell

Illuminating Photosynthesis

Stan Lee’s Superhuman (Lactic Acid Mutation)

Remediation Videos:

Photosynthesis Elearnin

Respiration in Plants

Photosynthesis & Respiration

Acceleration Videos:

Plant "Breathing" Mechanism Discovered

Transpiration in Plants 

Gas Exchange during Respiration 







Topic: Asexual vs Sexual Reproduction

Due Date: 10/15-10/31

SB1b. Develop and use models to explain the role of cellular reproduction (including binary fission, mitosis, and meiosis) in maintaining genetic continuity.

Bonus Quizzes:

Extra Copies:

Fun Links:

Cellular Transport and the Cell Cycle

The Cell Cycle

Cell Division

Cell Reproduction


Mitosis Coloring WS

Mitosis & Meiosis Video WS

Mitosis/Meiosis/DNA Crib

Cell Growth: Doubling Up

Battle of the Sexes: a Debate of Reproductive Proportions

Control the Cell Cycle

Mitosis and Meiosis

Cloning 101

Cancer Warriors

Recognizing Cancer Cells

BP: Control the Cell Cycle Game

Meiosis Student Dance

Meiosis Square Dance (animated)

Remediation Videos:

Mitosis & Cytokinesis

Acceleration Videos:



Mitosis: The Movie

Stages of Mitosis




BB#5,                    BB#7,            BB#12                              

Topic: Molecular Biology (DNA & RNA)

Due Date: 11/1-11/28

SB2a. Construct an explanation of how the structures of DNA and RNA lead to the expression of information within the cell via the processes of replication, transcription, and translation.


SB2b. Construct an argument based on evidence to support the claim that inheritable genetic variations may result from:

• new genetic combinations through meiosis 

• non-lethal errors occurring during replication and/or

 • heritable mutations caused by environmental factors


SB2c. Ask questions to gather and communicate information about the use and ethical considerations of biotechnology in forensics, medicine, and agriculture.

Bonus Quizzes:

Extra Copies:

Fun Links:

Molecular Genetics (Spanish)

Mol.Gen. Standardized (Spanish)

DNA:The Genetic Material (Spanish)

Replication of DNA (Spanish)

DNA, RNA & Protein (Spanish)

Gene Regulation & Mutation (Spanish)

Nucleic Acids & Genetics Study guide

DNA & Genes (Standardized)


Read an Article, Watch a movie and complete the questions at HiddenFigures for up to 5 points Extra Credit.

DNA Model Project

GIZMO: Building DNA

GIZMO: Protein Synthesis

GIZMO: DNA Fingerprints

Tour of the Basics

Murder Rape & DNA Video Questions

Current DNA Article

Decoding a Message

DNA Workshop Internet Activity

DNA in My Food

Who Really Cares DNA

DNA Crib Sheet

Ghost in Your Genes Video WS

Protein Synthesis Comic

Protein Synthesis Analogy

DNA-PP Synthesis Activity



Cloning Controversy

Cracking the Code of Life

Lab Meat Video

Alien Chromosomes

Double Helix Game

Classifying Bacteria using Biotechnology Lab

Engineer an Organism

DNA and Genetic Mutations

Engineer a Crop

DNA Fingerprinting: You Be the Judge

Nucleotides Game

Remediation Videos:

What is DNA & How Does it Work?

From DNA to Protein 

Tour of the Basics

Acceleration Videos:

From DNA to Protein 3D

Protein Synthesis Interactive

Your Genome Video Shorts

Transcription & Translation: RNA Splicing

PBS Nova: Ghost in your Genes






BB#2,                BB#6,             BB#8                             

Topic: Inheritance (Genetics)

Due Date: 11/21 – 12/7

SB1b. Develop and use models to explain the role of cellular reproduction (including binary fission, mitosis, and meiosis) in maintaining genetic continuity. 


SB3c. Construct an argument to support a claim about the relative advantages and disadvantages of sexual and asexual reproduction. 


SB3a. Use Mendel’s laws to ask questions and define problems that explain the role of meiosis in reproductive variability. 


SB3b. Use mathematical models to predict and explain patterns of inheritance.

Bonus Quizzes:

Extra Copies:

Fun Links:

Mendel and Meiosis

Mendel & Meiosis II


The Role of Genes in Inheritance

Cell Division & Inheritance

Human Genetics: Concepts & Application

Heredity II

Applied Genetics

Patterns of Heredity & Human Genetics



Dihybrid Crosses

Human Genetic Traits

Mendel in My Family

Multiple Alleles & Sex-Linked Traits

Reebop Genetics

What the Heck are Genotype and Phenotype?

Genetics Video Lessons

Constructing a Pedigree

Making & Reading Karyotypes


GIZMO: Mouse Genetics 2 traits

ABO Blood type Notes

Genetics Crib Sheet

Biology in the News

Making a Baby

Human Pedigree Genetics

Murder & Genetics

Mitosis vs Meiosis Mendel Style



Blood Typing Game

Human Genetics Traits Lab

I’m My Own Grandpa

DNA From the Beginning

Drag and Drop Genetics

Pea Experiment

Genetics Practice Problems

Are You My Blood Type?

Sex-Linked Traits Animation 1, 2

Virtual Fruit Fly Lab

Punnett Squares Lab

What is Hemophilia?

Remediation Videos:

Basic Genetics (New Tour of the Basics)

What is DNA and How Does it Work?

What is DNA? - Basics of DNA

Acceleration Videos:

PBS Nova: Ghost in your Genes

Nova: Cracking Your Genetic Code

Cracking the Code Of Life | PBS Nova | 2001

Can We Live Forever

HHMI DNA Resources

DNA Transcription & Translation








First Semester Review

Bonus Quizzes: Due Date: 12/15-1 day before Finals Exam

Biology Study Guides:


Science Geek Review Sem 1

Virginia State Standards of Learning (Choose Biology & 40 questions, score >90%)


SOL Pass (score >90%)


Subject Specific Tests: (score >90%)


Cells and their Functions

Metabolism of Cells


Nucleic Acids and Genetics Study Guide

Ecology Review



In preparation for the Biology End of Course Test-- which accounts for 20% of your 2nd semester grade-- Please practice using the following:

Biology EOCT Study Guide  

Georgia Milestone Study Guide

Biology EOCT Released Test 

BB20 Decagon

BB20 Icosahedron

BB20 Icosahedron Final Crib

Virginia Biology EOCT Released Test

Texas Biology EOCT Released Test

2015, 2014, 2013

Winter Break Assignment


Biology Music Video Challenge: 

Fall Semester Music Video Extra Credit

Create and post a Youtube Music Video to one of Dr. P’s Biology Karaoke songs (available at


/1 points            Music video with subtitles so that you can see the words to the song

/1 points            Music video with audio quality so that the words and music are clearly audible

/1 points            Music video with visuals that are content heavy and pertain to the words of the song

/1 points            Music video posted on Youtube with a link sent to me and Email of working video link

/1 point  Exciting, creative and captivating (Will I want to show this to my future classes?)

/1 points            At least 1 shot of the students (up to 4 students, students will divide the extra credit points) creating the video in the video, with credits to LHS and Dr. P’s Biology class

/1 point              Credit the original musician for the music, me for the lyrics (unless you wrote your own lyrics to a new song, 1 additional point for writing your own lyrics, at least 2 verses and 1 chorus) and any non-original pictures you use from the web.


Due: Electronically to me before the 1st day of final exams






Science Fact vs Fiction Media Assignment