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About Me

About Me

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I look forward to serving as your child's Environmental Science teacher.

I am an alum of Emory University where I recieved my Bachelor of Science and I am alum of Georgia State University where I received a Master of Arts in Science Education. I currently hold a teaching certificate for the state of Georgia. 

As a lifelong learner, it is my hope to encourage my students to acquire new information -academic or personal interest - daily. I am aware that in order to learn a safe and encouraging environment is necessary; therefore, it is my desire to make my classroom a safe, fun and disciplined place for my students. It is also my hope that they enjoy their time in my class and actively participate and engage in the learning process each day. 

I believe that a successful year starts with an open communication line between parents and teachers. 

You may contact me via email at, [email protected] anytime you have questions and/or concerns. I can also be reached at 678-874-6702 (school) or my phone at 678-827-2813.

Please understand that with the duties and responsibilities of my position, I am usually unable to respond immediately; however, I will reply to any inquiry within 48 hours. 

Tutoring will be available  virtually Wednesdays 9am-3pm and in if person instruction resumes on Thursdays 3:20 – 4:00 pm in Room 1301. I am available to meet for conferences upon request.

I look forward to what this school year has to offer.

Mrs. Hashtroudi