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About Me

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Name:Christopher H. Adams
Birthday:June 7
School I work at: Lakeside High School
Hobbies: reading books and comics, binge-watching TV (especially love UK and European police dramas and murder mysteries), hiking, singing


Song: "Trouble Man" by Marvin Gaye (this comes to mind, but I have tons of favorites)
Book: Stranger in a Strange Land by Robert Heinlein
Movie:(four way tie) Nothin But a Man, The Two Towers (LOTR), Camp, and Network
Food: French fries (especially Belgian), Thai, Ethiopian
Place: Camino de Santiago, northwest Spain 
Quote: "Si, se puede!" (Yes, we can!) -- Cesar Chavez
Web Site: (full of so many activities that it's saved my life as a teacher for many subjects and many years)

A bit more about me...

Place of Birth: Atlanta, GA
My mom is a retired elementary teacher.
My dad is a retired high school counselor and coach (basketball, football and track).
My daughter is a Lakeside senior (class of 2021)
Middle School I attended: Sutton Middle School (APS)
High School I graduated from: Northside High (APS, now called North Atlanta)
College I graduated from: University of Georgia (Athens), BA in Drama (originally a journalism major)
Graduate School I graduated from: National University (Los Angeles), MA in Education
Some jobs outside of teaching: Shakespearean actor, Kraft cheese factory worker, restaurant manager, waiter, busboy, butler, administrative assistant, web site creation and MS office trainer, puppeteer.
What new skills I've learned/practiced during Covid-19: beginning conversational Spanish (again), recording voice-overs and audiobooks.

C. H. Adams, M.Ed.
Text or call via Google Voice: (404) 907-2921
[email protected]