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Lakeside High School

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Pamela Marsingill


Pamela Marsingill
Location-Room 1203
Tutorial hours 
   Monday - Friday 7 am to 7:45 am
   Monday 3:15-3:45 

Mrs. Pamela Marsingill

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[email protected]

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About Me

I graduated from PHS, then attended Georgia Southern and earned my bachelors degree in Criminal Justice.  From there I became a Deputy Sheriff for Gwinnett county.  How did I become a teacher you ask?  I attended Piedmont College while working as a deputy sheriff and earned my Masters Degree in Secondary Ed, Broad Field Social Studies! I have been at Lakeside for 5 years and before that I was at PHS for a total of 20 years!  I am married and have a son who is 21 and a daughter who is a Junior at Mountain View High School.  I love all things Disney and all things Art!  I love the outdoors and animals!  I look forward to getting you know you this year!  Let's have some fun! 


I teach…


Economics, Sociology and Psychology


My assignments are in…


 Google Classroom


 Sociology Dekalb Syllabus.doc

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Before School by appointment and Thursdays 

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