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Joshua Sumperl

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Joshua Sumperl



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[email protected]

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About Me

Good day, my name is Joshua Sumperl, and I love all things science and technology. I received my undergraduate degree from SUNY Stony Brook in Chemistry. I then went on to get my Masters in Teaching Secondary Science from Kennesaw State University. This will be my 6th year as a teacher, and I look forward to continuing to learn and grow along my students.


I teach…



-Accelerated Physics

-Gifted Physics


My assignments are in…


Google Classroom



 Sumperl Physics Syllabus 2021-2022.docx

Do you need extra help?


-Wednesday After School

-Thursday 9:50-11:30

-By appointment

Remind codes


1st period Accel/Gft Physics @693e82h

4th period Physics @6aa8bd

5th period Accel Physics @43kafh

6th period Physics @448384g

7th period Accel/Gft Physics @9dhbg6