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Lakeside High School

Dekalb County Schools

Doris Jefferson-Stewart

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Doris Jefferson-Stewart


Contact Information


Email address:[email protected]

[email protected]

Google Voice number:678.922.9605

Type in your Google Voice number.Marketing Level 1.pdf

About Me

This is my 7th year at Lakeside. I enjoy working with students and watching them grow.     I am an advisor for DECA this is our 5th year. My classes include learning in action this allow students to participate in their learning.  


I teach…


  1. Introduction to Business & Technology. 
  2. Marketing Principles
  3. Marketing & Entrepreneurship
  4. Marketing Management


My assignments are in…


Verge and Google Classroom



Marketing Management Level 3 .pdf

Marketing and Entrepreneurship Level 2 .pdf

Intro Business & Technology 2021 2022 THIS ONE.pdf

Marketing Level 1.pdf



Student work center located in Classroom to store class note books. All printed handouts will be located in Work area.  Forms, Documents and Passes located in Students Work Area. Classroom set up like a Real Office. 

Do you need extra help?


Make appointment for help.

Check in 

Check daily for work in Verge and students will develop an interactive notebook to keep learning notes,

Assignments, standards and due dates.