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Homework Calendar November
Due Dates
All Guided notes sheets are participation grades.  If the students do not have these sheets complete on the day they are due they will recieve no credit.
All other homework is subject to the late policy.  Regular homework that does not consist of Guided Notes will be taken up to 3 days late.  It is the student's responsibility to turn these assingments in on time for full credit.
Remediation opens up at the end of every unit; however, students may only make up 2 zeros, tests,and  quizzes. It is important that students turn in their work on time to recieve the highest score possible.
Week Fourteen:
Radiation Gizmo                                        November 8
Charge GN                                                 November 9
Light and Prism Gizmo                                               November 10
Week Fifteen:
Wave Worksheet #2                                        November 13
Current Gizmo                                                 November 13
Heat Absorption Gizmo                                   November 17
 Notebook Check                                              November 17
Week Sixteen:
Thanksgiving Break November 20-24
Week Seventeen:
Magnets Gizmo                                             December 1
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