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Due Dates

For all Notebook Checks: All foldables, worksheets, warmups, and Guided Notes are due. 


Week One:

Syllabus Due  1/8/2018 


Week Two:

Vocab Contract  1/12/2018 Atoms


Week Three:

Elemental Research  1/16/2018


Week Four:

Notebook Check One; Elemental Poster Project      1/22/2018

Elemental Ball Project     1/26/2018                       


Week Five:

Gizmo Build an Element      1/29/2018               BJW5N5PMJM

Mixture/Compound Lab        2/2/2018                 Ions WKSHEET


Week Six:

Vocabulary Contract Two (Matter)     2/9/2018 


Week Seven:

Lab 2 (BJW5N5PMJM)  2/16/2018


Week Eight:

Lab 3 (BJW5N5PMJM)    2/20/2017


Week Nine:

Periodic Trend Project  3/2/2018 


Week Ten: 

Vocab Contract 3 (Acids and Bases)  3/9/2018 


Week Eleven: 

Lab 4 (BJW5N5PMJM)    3/14/2018


Week Twelve:

Notebook Check 5     3/23/2018              All foldables and activites due 

Week Thirteen:

Vocab Contract 4 (Solutions)       3/26/2018 

ABC Book Due 3/29/2018  (NO Late Policy for this assignment; must be turned in

                                                  on date for credit.  In class assignment. No Printing) 

Week Fourteen:

Remediation Due 4/9/2018 

Vocab Contract 5 (Periodic Table) 4/13/2018


Week Fifteen: 

Synthesis Reaction 4/20/2018

Oxidation Reactions      4/18/2018

Decomposition Reactions     4/19/2018
Vocabulary Contract (Chemical Reactions)  4/20/2018 
Week Sixteen: 
Review EOC 4/24/2018 
Review EOC   4/27/2018
Week Seventeen:
Notebook Check 6    5/3/2018   
Poster Project CheckPoint 5/4/2018 
Week Nineteen: 
Poster Check Point 5/14/2018 
Poster Project Due 5/18/2018
Week Twenty:
Finals 5/21/2018-5/24/2018 
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