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Lakeside High School

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Tricia Newmyer

Newmyer's News

Tricia Newmyer


Tutorial hours:
Tuesday/Thursday AM: 7:30-8:00
Room 2414 

Virtual Access Form

Instructional Access Form for Students
School:         Lakeside High School
Teacher:       Tricia Newmyer
Listed below are the main instructional platforms that will be used for Virtual Learning.  The information provided will assist with access credentials.
The main platforms that I will be using for my Virtual Learning will be VERGE, Microsoft Teams, DCSD Launchpad and EVERFI.  will be used for daily communication of learning assignments and teacher/student feedback.  Microsoft Teams will be used for LIVE learning sessions. There could be occasional videos or discussions located on Flip Grid and that access code will be 85fed0f8.
The codes for my class periods are as follows:
2nd period Aquatis: 2fsdodd
3rd period Aquatics: sn5wp2j
4th period Aquatics: 4oerf1n
5th period First Aid & Safety: 5qpdmaa
Virtual Learning Technical Support Request Link - DCSD Technical Support
Help Desk 678-676-1188
Note:  For instructional resources not available through Launchpad, technical support will be available through the local school or vendor.