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Lakeside High School

Dekalb County Schools

Steve Burger

Steve Burger


mon.- weds. 7:45-8:05
Lakeside Gym 

Virtual Access Form

Instructional Access Form for Students
School:         Lakeside High School
Teacher:       Steve Burger
Listed below are the main instructional platforms that will be used for Virtual Learning.  The information provided will assist with access credentials.
The main platforms that I will be using for my Virtual Learning will be VERGE, Microsoft Teams, DCSD Launchpad and EVERFI.  will be used for daily communication of learning assignments and teacher/student feedback.  Microsoft Teams will be used for LIVE learning sessions.
Virtual Learning Technical Support Request Link - DCSD Technical Support
Help Desk 678-676-1188
Note:  For instructional resources not available through Launchpad, technical support will be available through the local school or vendor.          


 DCSD Launchpad             VERGE                    TEAMS                    EVERFI




Access Credentials:  Ms Wilson will give students the access codes when we use the platform that cause for
                                     an access code.