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Lakeside High School

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Robin Miles

Welcome to Ms. Miles' Class

Class schedule:1st Period: Analytic Geometry
                         2nd Period: Advanced Algebra
                         3rd Period: Planning
                         4th Period: Analytic Geometry (C Lunch)
                         5th Period:Analytic Geometry
                         6th Period: Planning
                         7th Period:Analytic Geometry
Contact Information:
Robin Miles
Telephone Number: 678-874-6702 
Email Address: [email protected]
Tutorial hours: Monday-Friday: 7:15-7:50 in room 2408


Robin Miles


Contact Information


Email address: [email protected]

Google Voice number:


About Me

Hi! I am Robin Miles and this is my 5th year at LHS. I currently teach Analytic Geometry and Advanced Algebra. I have taught almost every math course offered at most high schools. I am originally from South Carolina. I moved to Georgia in 1996 and have never looked back!! I look forward to getting back into the classroom with my students. Have an awesome year!!


I teach…


Analytic Geometry

Advanced Algebra 

My assignments are in…





 Geometry Syllabus 2021-2022.docx



We will be using Delta Math for classroom and homework assignments. Please sign-up ASAP. If you have an account from last year, you may use the following codes. 








Do you need extra help?


Tutoring Times:

Mornings: 7:30am – 7:50am (no appointment needed) Monday - Friday

After School: 3:15pm -3:50pm (no appointment needed) Monday – Thursday


If you need another time, please make an appointment with Ms. Miles. 

Remind Codes.

Please sign up for the appropriate class ASAP! This is mandatory for ALL STUDENTS!!


Advanced Algebra Parents @f83a2e

Period 7 Adv. Alg. @2g279b4 Geometry Parents @a2b68k

Period 1 Geometry @gd9c67

Period 2 Geometry @8h7bc65

Period 4 Adv. Alg. @bk34ef

Period 5 Adv. Alg. @f6442gc