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Peter Carlson

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Pete Carlson

Pete Carlson



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[email protected]

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About Me

I have been at Lakeside since 2007. I teach Algebra and Geometry. I enjoy football, kayaking, live music, and hiking. I grew up in Nashville,  Tennessee, but I love Atlanta and consider it my home!    


I teach…


Analytical Geometry

Coordinate Algebra


My assignments are in…


Google Classroom and delta math



Syllabus Coordinate Algebra 2021 (2).docx

Geometry Syllabus.docx

Other class code is 991421 

1st period:  i57drwr

3rd period: dxghrgz

4th period: pngnaof

5th period: pngnaof
7th period: jw4ueqp 

Do you need extra help?


Before School in room 2401 at 7:45a or after school at 3:20p. by appointment

Remind codes


n/a messaging codes here.