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Christopher Adams

Welcome Page - Christopher Adams

C. H. Adams 
Literature and English Teacher
 View the draft of strange new spirits (Brit Lit, class of 2019)

C. H. Adams, M.Ed.
[email protected]
Text or call via Google Voice: (404) 907-2921

Contact Information


Email address:

[email protected]

Google Voice number:

(404) 907-2921

About Me

I was born and raised in Atlanta, GA, attending Sutton Middle School and graduating Northside High (APS, now called North Atlanta). My mom is a retired elementary teacher and my dad is a retired high school counselor and coach (basketball, football and track). My daughter is a 2021 Lakeside graduate.  After I graduated from: University of Georgia (Athens), with BA in Drama (originally a journalism major), I held many jobs before deciding to become a teacher: Shakespearean actor, Kraft cheese factory worker, restaurant manager, waiter, busboy, butler, administrative assistant, web site creation and MS office trainer, puppeteer. Finally, I graduated from: National University (Los Angeles), MA in Education, and returned home to GA. 


During Covid-19 I've learned and practiced a few skills: conversing in Spanish using Duolingo, recording voice-overs and audiobooks. 


I teach…


World Literature and Composition Accelerated and Sheltered ESL


My assignments are in…


Google Classroom





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M, T, Wed, Th.:
 3-10-4:00, Room 1414

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