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Brooke Meaders


Ms. Meaders


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I LOVE my job and my students.  This year will be my fourth with Lakeside and my ninth as a teacher.  I absolutely love being a VIKING!   I coach the Cross Country team.  I went to Virginia Tech for undergrad, and I came to Georgia to UGA for grad school!  I'm a Hokie Dawg.   I love teaching seniors and teaching literature! I believe that by reading, you can "live more intensely" (Zafon).  That reading allows us to experience the world around us and create in us a humbler and more gracious spirit.  I believe that "the beauty of all literature" is that "you discover your longings are universal longings, that you are not lonely or isolated from anyone" that "you belong" (Fitzgerald).  



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Multicultural Literature 


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Google Classroom



Meaders 2021 Syllabus (1).pdf



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