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Lakeside High School

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Asa Collier

Asa Collier

Contact Information


Email address:

[email protected]

Google Voice number:

(678) 902-4354

About Me

Welcome to Mr. Collier’s English class! I have been a teacher for about six years now, working in a variety of settings, from Shanghai, China to Georgia State University. In addition, I hold master’s degrees in both teaching ESOL and philosophy. I have a passion for learning about other cultures, especially the food! I’m always here for my students and their parents, so never feel afraid to reach out to me for anything you need, no matter how small.


I teach…


9th Grade Literature (ESOL)

10th Grade American Literature (ESOL)


My assignments are in…


Google Classsroom



 2021-2022 9th Lit ESL Syllabus Collier (A).docx




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Any other afternoon by appointment.

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