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Lakeside High School

Dekalb County Schools

ch 7 atomic structure and periodicity


In class you need to read through the first few pages of the notes. Answer practice problems 1, 2 from the notes and complete the following calculations



bell work: 
1) write the electron configuration for arsenic 
2)write the oribital diagram for nitrogen 
3) write noble gas configuration for antimony 
4) write the 4 quantum numbers for the last electron in arsenic 
IN class: students will do a quided learing activity: photoelectronspectroscopy pogil 


bell work: 
write the __electron intensity graph __________ for the fluorine atom  
IN class - we will discuss magnetism and atomic structure, and we will look at periodicity: atomic radius, ionic radius, ionization energy, and electronegativity
students will practice answering conceptual atomic structure questions from old FRQ's