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Terry Krugman

Magister Krugman’s (Magister K) Welcome Page:

Welcome to Latin!  A language once spoken from the windy hills of southern Scotland, to the desert sands of Babylonia; the language of great poets, philosophers, engineers; of soldiers, statesmen and scientists; the language which provides English with approximately 70% of its vocabulary; the language which spawned a host of  a number of modern languages; and the language which adopted and adapted much of ancient Greek culture and brought it to all known corners of the world. People may call Latin a ‘dead language.’ Hardly. It is alive and is all around us, just in disguise. Latina vivit! Latina vivat!  (Latin live! Long live Latin).
A bit about me:
I taught 32 years in the Dekalb School, as well as Middlebury College in Vermont, Emory, and Georgia State University. I began my career as a teacher of Russian, a language almost entirely unrelated to Latin. I moved from modern to ancient, from East to West, from Russian to Latin, when I was 41 years old. Who said old dogs can’t learn new tricks? I retired from teaching in 2018 but returned on a part-time basis last year as the school had an emergency opening. I am continuing part-time this year.
A bit about Latin at Lakeside:
I came to Lakeside in 2006 and taught various levels of Latin (including the very challenging AP Latin) until my ‘retirement.’ Former students have gone on to successful careers in academia, medicine, the military, business, law, engineering and medicine. Many won scholarships to prestigious universities (Emory, Swarthmore,UCLA, Yale, Spelman, UNC Chapel Hill, Holy Cross- to name a few). Recently one of my former students was researching indigenous languages in the jungles of New Guinea in the South Pacific! Latin can take you to exotic places.
Final Words:
This year will be like no other. We have many logistical challenges ahead. But if we are patient, mutually supportive, patient and hard-working, we can have a successful time together.
You can reach me at : [email protected]   Cell: 404-2103489
Carpe diem! Eamus!   (Seize the day! Let’s Go!)

Virtual Access Form

Dear Parents and Students,
Welcome to Magister K’s (Krugman’s) Latin 1,2 and 3. My welcome page with a brief overview of the course and some short biographical information is attached.

More info coming soon.