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Lakeside High School

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Lisa Slappey

Contact Information 
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Lisa Slappey's Website

I am very happy to be your child's teacher this year. Please feel free to contact me at anytime if you need to talk to me or if you have any questions.
I am available before and after school as well as all day on Wednesdays to provide extra help. Complete the I Need Help! form if there is something with which you need help. I am available via email at lisa_slapp[email protected]. I can be reached via REMIND and also at 404-666-3542.


Contact Information


Email address:

[email protected]

Google Voice number:

(404) 666-3542

About Me

I am a graduate of Lakeside! I love to paint, and I read all the time. 

I’m a little bit weird. I have the BEST job in the world!  

I teach…


Painting I, II, & III

Photo I, II, & III

Visual Arts


My assignments are in…


Google Classroom

Syllabi can be found at:




My website is:


Do you need extra help?


I am available before and after school by request.

Remind codes


Painting 1 - @lhspai

Painting 2 & 3 - @pai23

Photo 1 – 2nd Period - @slappd2

Photo 1 – 3rd Period - @slapphoto

Visual Arts - @slapva

Photo 2 - @lhsphoto2

Photo 3 - @lhsphoto3