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Lakeside High School

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Lauron Garcia

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Lauron Garcia 

Contact Information


Email address: [email protected]

Google Voice number:

(678) 861-8508

About Me

I am originally from Los Angeles, California, but I moved out here after I graduated college. I have a master’s degree in History Education. I am bilingual and can speak fluent English and Spanish. I absolutely love Disney and definitely use Disney movies to teach history!


I teach…


U.S. History 

9th Grade Government/Civics 

Ethnic Studies 

Latin American Studies


My assignments are in…


Google Classroom AND/OR 

Microsoft One Note 



 Syllabus Ethnic Studies.docx


Do you need extra help?


My office hours are Monday-Friday 


Remind codes


1st Period: @c6946h 

2nd Period: @d46ghh 

3rd Period: @3c3kkk 

4th Period: @dd7e8k 

6th Period: @d9b8e3e