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Lakeside High School

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Garry Saltmarsh


Garry Saltmarsh


Contact Information


Email address: [email protected]

Google Voice number: None


About Me

Born in Somerset, England, I moved to the States in 1987. Married to Nancy since that time, we have two children, Lucy, 28, and Elliot, 25. I have worked at Lakeside since 1999. I enjoy running, walking, reading, opera music, and uncomplicated things like my old 1995 Toyota truck.    


I teach…


AP literature

Multicultural literature


My assignments are in…


Google Classroom

AP Classroom



Multicultural literature syllabus_Saltmarsh 2021-2022 academic year.docx

AP literature syllabus_Saltmarsh_August 2021 to 2022.doc




Do you need extra help?


I do not offer fixed tuition hours. If a student needs extra assistance, the answer is yes. Just ask, and we will arrange a mutually convenient time.

Remind codes


I do not use remind codes.