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This link may be used by any student who is absent or needs to reprint any lost assignments that were handed out in class.
Weebly Weblink for all Homework Content:


Edmodo and Remind Codes change every two weeks.  Students were signed up for these apps in class the first two weeks of school.  Any student needing another code MUST speak to me in order to recieve a new one.

Students are responsible for keeping up with their own passwords as I can not reset these.  I do not have access to their passwords, emails, or phone numbers.

The Classroom:

Students are required to be in their seats when the bell rings ready to start their day in order to be on time.  

Students are required to get their make up work from my Weebly Website.  It is the students responsibility to turn in their make up work on time.  The student has the same number of days to complete make work that were absent.  EX: IF a student was absent two days, the student has two days to turn in the work before late points will be deducted.

Late assignments are accepted in certain cases at the teacher's discretion.  Notebook checks, homework checks, and labs conducted in class will not be taken late.  Homework taken home by the students that does not consist of notes will be take up to 3 days late with piont deductions.

1 day late- Minus 10 points
2 days late- Minus 20 points
3 days late-Minus 30 points

Students are required to attempt every quiz given in class even if they were absent the day before.  This is because if these students are not successful, they will have an oppurtunity to retake the quiz on  This allows the students to be exposed to the content they missed during class and keeps them from talking while others are taking quizzes in class.

Tutoring is after school on Tuesdays.  I am a floating teacher this year.  The student must tell me they are coming so that I will be in my room at the time help is needed.

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