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Tutorial Hours:  Tuesdays from 3:15 - 4:30 or by appointment in room 1215 
WEEK OF 1.16-19.18
Tuesday 1.16.18
- Today we wrapped up discussing Perfect Competition in the short run and began looking at the long run analysis of these firms.  Students were also given the study guide for the Perfect Competition test (absentees see folder or click here) and practice problems over Perfect Competition (absentees see folder or click here).
HW:  Quiz over Perfect Competition Thursday, Worksheet due Friday, Test over Perfect Competition next Tuesday. 
WEEK OF 1.9-12.18
Thursday 1.11.18 
- Today we reviewed the five different PC graphs for firms.  Graphs and notes can be found here (those that were out for tours are responsible for this information). 
HW:  Signed syllabus due tomorrow.  
Wednesday 1.10.18
- Today we went over the graphs for markets and firms in Perfect Competition.
HW:  Syllabus due Friday. 
Tuesday 1.9.18
- Today we shared extra credit current events, went through the four characteristics of Perfect Competition and completed practice problems over PC.  Absentees see folder or click here.
HW:  7th period if you didn't finish the worksheet it is due tomorrow.  Signed syllabus due Friday!
WEEK OF 1.4-5.18
Friday 1.5.18
- Today we began watching The Big Short. 
HW:  Extra credit current events due Monday (directions are above).  Signed syllabus update due Friday, Jan. 12th.  
Thursday 1.4.18
- Today we went through the second semester syllabus update.  Absentees can see the folder or click here We also reviewed the final review packet from first semester.  That PP is here
HW:  Signed syllabus update due next Friday, January 12th 
WEEK OF 12.18-20.17
Wednesday 12.20.17
- Today 2nd and 4th took their final exam. 
Tuesday 12.19.17
- Today 3rd and 5th took their final exam.
HW:  Study for final 2nd and 4th! 
Monday 12.18.17 
 - Today we reviewed and 7th period took the final.
 HW:  Study for the final!!!
WEEK OF 12.11-15.17
Friday 12.15.17
- Today we completed our relay review game. 
HW:  Packet due day of final for 10 extra points on the final exam.  STUDY FOR YOUR FINAL (70 multiple choice questions and 15% of your overall grade)!!!!!!
Thursday 12.14.17
- Today we went over the practice final exam, which is here.  Then we played review Pictionary.
HW:  Test corrections due TOMORROW.  Packet due day of final for 10 extra points on the final exam.  
Wednesday 12.13.17
- Today we did a practice exam as a class competition. 
HW:  Test Corrections due Friday.  Packet due day of final for 10 extra points on the final exam.  
Tuesday 12.12.17
- Today we played Review Jeopardy. 
HW:  Test Corrections due Friday.  Packet due day of final for 10 extra points on the final exam.  
Monday 12.11.17
- Today we played review catch phrase.  If you didn't get the feedback questions for Shark Tank please click here.  Also we got the Final Study Guide and optional review packet.  If you need a study guide click here and if you need a review packet please check the extra copies bin.
HW:  Test corrections due Friday.  Packet due day of final for 10 extra points on the final exam. 
WEEK OF 12.4-8.17
Friday 12.8.17
- Today we finished up Shark Tank projects. 
Thursday 12.7.17
- Today we shared Shark Tank presentations
HW:  Extra credit due Friday.  Test corrections due December 15th. 
Wednesday 12.6.17
- Today we did Shark Tank presentations
HW:  Extra credit due Friday.  Test corrections due December 15th. 
Tuesday 12.5.17
- Today we did a little something different in each class because our the testing schedule!  2nd Period:  Handed back tests, handed our finals study guides (absentees see folder) and handed out finals packet for extra credit towards the final (absentees see folder).  3rd Period:  Handed out finals packet and study guides and played review catch phrase.  4th, 5th and 7th:  Shark Tank Presentations!
HW:  Presentations continue tomorrow for 4th, 5th and 7th.  Extra credit due Friday.  Test corrections due December 15th.   
Monday 12.4.17
- Today we shared current events, discussed our final and the remainder of the semester and had our last extra credit call for this semester.  Details on that are here.  We then had time to finish up last minute details on the projects.  The rubric for presenters is here.  
HW:  Shark intros are due by the end of the day.  Groups presenting tomorrow and utilizing the computer for visuals must send those visuals before the start of the school day tomorrow.  
WEEK OF 11.27-12.1.17
Friday 12.1.17
- Today we worked on the Shark Tank projects. 
HW:  Last current event day on Monday.  Presentations start Tuesday.  Shark intros are due Monday! 
Thursday 11.30.17
- Today we worked on the Shark Tank projects and got the presentation order.  Absentees see Mrs. Krieger for the day/order you are presenting next week. 
HW:  Bring any materials you need in order to work on your Shark Tank project during class tomorrow! 
Wednesday 11.29.17
- Today we took our Chapter 13 tests.  Make-up tests will be given tomorrow and Friday during class.
HW:  Bring any materials you need in order to work on your Shark Tank project during class tomorrow! 
Tuesday 11.28.17
- Today we reviewed for our test tomorrow.  Here is the link to the review game:
HW:  Study for your test!  Make-up tests will be given during class upon your return.   
Monday 11.27.17
- Today we shared current events and had a class competition to review for our test.  The activity is here.
HW:  Study for your test on Wednesday!  Covers Chapter 13, classifying goods, externalities and international trade.  
WEEK OF 11.13-17.17
Friday 11.17.17 
- Today we worked on the Shark Tank project.  If your group did not turn in your cost sheets today they are due the Monday we return from break!
HW:  Current events on the Monday we come back!  Test Wednesday, November 29th over Ch. 13! PP is here
Thursday 11.16.17
- Today we finished the notes covering Chapter 13 and got our study guide for the test.  PP will be posted tomorrow and absentees can see the folder for a study guide or click here.
HW:  Practice Problems due tomorrow.  Test Wednesday November 29th. 
Wednesday 11.15.17
- Today we learned what the curves look like for the cost measurements from yesterday.  We also began working on practice problems covering Chapter 13.  Absentees see folder (7th period absentees see Mrs. Krieger) or click here.  
HW:  Practice Problems due Friday. 
Tuesday 11.14.17
- Today we took our quiz (make-up quizzes will be Wednesday and Thursday before school or during A lunch) and took notes over the different type of cost measurements.  We also got a 1/2 sheet of practice problems.  Absentees see folder or click here.
HW: 1/2 sheet due tomorrow.
Monday 11.13.17
- Today students worked on the Shark Tank Project.
HW:  Quiz tomorrow over three mini topics. 
WEEK OF 11.6-10.17
Friday 11.10.17
- Today we went over the production function and total cost graphs and started our pizza restuarant.
HW:  Current Events Monday, Quiz Tuesday over mini topics. 
Thursday 11.9.17
- Today we started talking about Chapter 13 and opened up our paper folding company.
HW:  International Trade worksheet due tomorrow.  Quiz Tuesday over our mini topics. 
Wednesday 11.8.17
- Today we discussed International Trade.  Notes are here.  We also started working on a practice problem covering International Trade.  Absentees see folder or click here.
HW:  Elasticity Practice Problems due tomorrow.  International Trade worksheet due Friday.  
Tuesday 11.7.17
- Today we finished up our discussion of rivalry and exclusion and discussed externalities.  Notes on both are hereWe also started working on our practice problems covering these two mini topics.  Absentees see folder or click here.
HW:  Practice Problems due Thursday. 
Monday 11.6.17
- Today we shared current events and discussed rivalry and exclusion. 
WEEK OF 10.30-11.3.17
Friday 11.3.17
- Today we took our test. Make-up tests will be given Monday and Tuesday before school starting at 7:30, during a lunch or after school.  If you cannot make up the test during these times you must see Mrs. Krieger on Monday.
HW:  Current Events Monday
Thursday 11.2.17
- Today was a review day for the test.  We went over questions from the study guide, discussed the class competition test from yesterday (click here to review) and played review Jeopardy (link to game: ).
Wednesday 11.1.17
- Today we did a practice test over Elasticity and Govt. Intervention as a class competition.
HW:  Test Friday, Extra Credit due Friday 
Tuesday 10.31.17
- Today we reviewed FRQs and turned them in and went over the packet and quiz from last week.
HW:  Test Friday, EC due Friday. 
Monday 10.30.17
- Today we shared current events and worked on practice FRQs.  Absentees can check the folder or click here for the worksheet. There is also another call for extra credit. Details are here.
HW:  Test Friday.  EC due Friday. 
WEEK OF 10.23-27.17
Friday 10.27.17
- Today we took our Government Intervention quiz.  Make-up quizzes will be held Monday during current events.  We also received the study guide for the Elasticity and Government Intervention Test next Friday.  Absentees see folder or click here
HW: Current Events Monday, Test Friday
Thursday 10.26.17
- Today we discussed the loss from taxes.  Notes are here.  We also worked on the practice problem packet. 
HW:  Quiz tomorrow.  Packet due at the end of class. 
Wednesday 10.25.17
- Today we went over how to add CS/PS/DWL to our graphs.  We also got our packet of practice problems.  Absentees check folder (2nd period absentees see Mrs. Krieger).
HW: Government Intervention Quiz is now FRIDAY!  Practice Packet due Friday at the end of class.
Tuesday 10.24.17
- Today we discussed Consumer and Producer Surplus.  The notes are here. (This material will not be on the quiz)
HW:  Quiz over Govt. Intervention Thursday. 
Monday 10.23.17 
- Today we discussed taxes and elasticity.  The notes on government intervention are here.
HW:  Quiz over government intervention Thursday. 
WEEK OF 10.16-20.17
Friday 10.20.17
- Today we went over the graphs for taxes.
HW:  Current events on Monday.  Make-up quizzes Monday during class.  
Thursday 10.19.17
- Today we finished discussing price floors/ceilings and completed practice problems about elasticity.  Absentees see folder (2nd, 3rd and 4th) or me (5th and 7th) for worksheet.
HW:  If you did not complete the worksheet in class (2nd, 3rd, 4th) it is due tomorrow! 
Wednesday 10.18.17
- Today we took our quiz over Elasticity of Demand.  Make-Up quizzes will be held tomorrow during class or Friday before school.  If you cannot make-up the quiz at one of those times please see me.  We also discussed price floors/ceilings.
Tuesday 10.17.17
- Today we discussed Elasticity of Supply and Cross Price Elasticity.
HW:  Quiz tomorrow over Elasticity of Demand.  Notes are under yesterday's entry. 
Monday 10.16.17
- Today we shared current events, discussed the Shark Tank project (absentees see folder for presentation instructions and rubric) and took notes on Elasticity.  The PP is here.
HW:  Quiz Wednesday over Elasticity. 
WEEK OF 10.10-13.17
Friday 10.13.17
- Today we worked on a class group project ranking goods/services along the elasticity scale
HW:  Current Events Monday 
Thursday 10.12.17
- Today we took notes over elasticity of demand and the determinants of elasticity of demand. 
Wednesday 10.11.17
- Today students present worked on the midpoint practice problem worksheet from yesterday. 
HW:  All absent students must turn in the worksheet from Tuesday tomorrow. 
Tuesday 10.10.17
- Today we started talking about elasticity and the midpoint formula and worked practice problems.  Absentees see folder.  If you are in class tomorrow you may bring your practice problems for us to work through together.
HW:  Those who will not be in class tomorrow, your practice problems are due Thursday! 
WEEK OF 10.2- 4.17
Wednesday 10.4.17
- Today we did a practice AP questions and gathered data for the chapter we will be starting next week. 
Tuesday 10.3.17
- Today we took the test over Supply and Demand.  Make-up tests will be tomorrow during class and Tuesday before or after school. 
Monday 10.2.17
- Today we shared current events and reviewed for our test.
HW:  Study for your test!!! 
WEEK OF 9.25-29.17 
Friday 9.29.17
- Today we reviewed our FRQs and worked on practice multiple choice.
HW:  Test Tuesday, Current Events Monday! 
Thursday 9.28.17
- Today we finished working on practice FRQs and began working on additional practice problems ahead of next week's test.  Absentees from 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th please see folder.
HW:  2nd - 5th period = practice problems due tomorrow.  Everyone = Shark applications due tomorrow.  Test Tuesday! 
Wednesday 9.27.17
- Today we reviewed for our test, created a study guide chart and practiced FRQs.  Absentees see folders for charts.  The completed chart is here for those that need it. 
HW:  Shark applications due Friday.  Test Tuesday. 
Tuesday 9.26.17
- Today we went outside and practiced graphing with sidewalk chalk.  We also started our study guide chart and got the study guide for the Supply and Demand test.  Absentees see bin or click here.  The PP on Supply and Demand is here.  
HW:  Supply and Demand Test Next Tuesday!  Shark applications due Friday.   
Monday 9.25.17
- Today we shared current events and did some practice with supply and demand
HW:  Shark applications due Friday 
WEEK OF 9.18-22.17
Friday 9.22.17
- Today we took the supply quiz and finished our worksheets.
HW:  Shark Tank wkts if not completed in class and Current Events Monday 
Thursday 9.21.17
- Today students worked on the supply/demand/equilibrium worksheet and the shark tank worksheets.
HW:  Supply Quiz Friday! 
Wednesday 9.20.17
- Today we finished discussing Supply and combined our two curves on the same graph.  The PP on Supply and Demand is here.
HW:  Supply quiz Friday. 
Tuesday 9.19.17
- Today we started discussing the determinants of supply and revisited our scenarios from Friday.
HW:   Supply Quiz Friday 
Monday 9.18.17
- Today the counseling department came to speak to the class and we shared current events
HW:  Supply Quiz Friday 
WEEK OF 9.15.17
Friday 9.15.17
- Today we shared current events and completed supply scenarios.
HW:  Current events on Monday.  All make-up demand quizzes - Monday in class.  
WEEK OF 9.5-8.17
Friday 9.8.17
- Today we took our quiz over demand.  Make-up quizzes will be given Monday before school or Tuesday before or after school. 
HW:  Current events on Monday.  Extra credit due Friday.  
Thursday 9.7.17 
- Today we discussed the Law of Supply and reviewed test correction directions.  The direction PP can be found at the top of the website.
HW:  Quiz over Demand Only tomorrow! 
Wednesday 9.6.17
- Today we finished our discussion on the determinants of demand and started supply.  I also gave out an extra credit option - details can be found here.
HW:   EC due next Friday.  Demand quiz this Friday.  Notes are here.  
Tuesday 9.5.17
- Today we discussed market demand and the first four determinants of demand.  
HW:  1/2 sheet review of intro to demand due tomorrow.  Absentees see folders
WEEK OF 8.28 - 9.1.17
Friday 9.1.17
- Today we practiced with drawing demand curves and discussed the Law of Demand and the four ways we can prove it is true.  
Thursday 8.31.17
- Today we started discussing demand and prepped for a graphing activity tomorrow. 
Wednesday 8.30.17
- Today we took our test over the intro material.  Make up exams will be given before after school on Tuesday or during A lunch in Mrs. Krieger's room. 
Tuesday 8.29.17
- Today was all about review for the test tomorrow!  PP notes can be found here, here and here.  The worksheet from today can be found here.  
Monday 8.28.17
- Today we shared current events and began working through practice problems together as a class.  Absentees see bin.
HW:  Study for test Wednesday! 
WEEK OF 8.21-25.17
Friday 8.25.17
- Today we finished all our notes on unit 1!  Click here and here for all the notes!
HW:  Current events Monday, Test Wednesday 
Thursday 8.24.217
- Today we wrapped up the 10 principles and went over the circular flow diagram.
HW:  Syllabus due tomorrow!  Test Wednesday! 
Wednesday 8.23.17
- Today we covered three more principles of economics and received the study guide for next week's test.  Absentees see folder or click here.
HW:  Visit the following site and read about Traditional, Command and Mixed Economies:
Syllabus due Friday
Test Wednesday 
Tuesday 8.22.17
- Today we discussed trade and absolute/comparative advantage.
HW:  Signed syllabus due Friday.  Comparative Advantage worksheet due tomorrow.  Absentees see folder. 
Monday 8.21.17
- Today we shared current events, turned in our utility 1/2 sheet and discussed the 4th and 5th priciples of economics.
HW:  Signed syllabus due Friday! 
WEEK OF 8.14-18.17
Friday 8.18.17
- Today we discussed current events, reviewed utility and worked on the Shark Tank project worksheet.  Absentees see bin for worksheet and current event instructions or click here and here.
HW:  Finish 1/2 sheet, return signed syllabus, current events on Monday! 
Thursday 8.17.17
- Today we did a project on the PPF graph and reviewed the 3rd principle of economics
HW:  Signed syllabus 
Wednesday 8.16.17
- Today we discussed the four assumptions of the PPF graph, reviewed points inside/outside the PPF curve and what moves the curve.
HW:  Signed syllabus, practice problem sheet if not completed in class.  Absentees see folders. 
Tuesday 8.15.17
- Today we learned how to calculate opportunity cost and draw the PPF graph.
HW:  Signed syllabus 
Monday 8.14.17
- Today students worked on the introduction sheet for the Shark Tank project.  Absentees will receive the sheet on Friday during classwork time.
HW:  Signed syllabus 
WEEK OF 8.7-11.17
Friday 8.11.17
- Today we completed the Life After High School activity and looked at opportunity costs.
HW:  Signed syllabus 
Thursday 8.10.17
- Today we discussed the different types of resources and started discussing trade-offs.
HW:  Signed syllabus due Aug. 25th! 
Wednesday 8.9.17
- Today we finished all our intro work, assigned books and got a seating chart...yay!  If you still have not received a syllabus please see Mrs. Krieger.
HW:  Signed syllabus due Aug. 25th! 
Tuesday, 8.8.17
- Today we reviewed the syllabus and discussed classroom expectations.  Absentees see Mrs. Krieger for syllabus or click here.
HW:  Signed syllabus due Friday, August 25th. 
Monday 8.7.17
- Introduction to class  
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