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Content for Student Homework for November

This page displays all content that we are going over in class.  This also shows when homework is assigned to the students.  The homework page projects when these assingments are due. 

Students must use this resource to complete work, get missing assingments, or make up assignments.
Students do have the option to come after school to room 1610 to pick up make up work or come to tutoring on Tuesdays to recieve assignments.  It is the student's responsibility to turn thes assignments in on time. 
Students have two weeks to put their notebooks together before notebook checks are conducted. Students that do not have their notebooks in order on the day of the check will recieve a 0%. Checklists for Notebook Checks may be found on this Website. Guided Notes and Foldables are the only sheets that belong in the Notebooks. Notebook Checks are conducted every Two Weeks. 
Week Fourteen:
Refraction and Light Foldable                                     November 6
Radiation Gizmo                                                          November 7
Electric Charge Foldable; Charge GN                         November 8   Charge PPT 
Light and Prism Gizmo                                                November 9
Circuits Foldable; Waves WS #2                                  November 10
Week Fifteen:
Current Gizmo                                                                 November 13
Open vs. Closed Circuits Poster                                      November 14
Light Lab1  and 2; Info; Review                                     November 15
Heat Absorption Gizmo; Review                                    November 16
Light Test                                                                         November 17
Week Sixteen:
Thanksgiving Break                                                        November 20-24
Week Seventeen:
Magnets and Magnetic Field Foldable                             November 27
Magnetism and Electrical Charge; Magnets GN              November 28
Electric Currents and Magnets Foldable                           November 29
Magnets Gizmo                                                                 November 30
Magnets Lab                                                                      December 1

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