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Mission Statement

Administer the total program with the six trademarks, (enthusiasm, total preparation, discipline, desire for success, evaluation, and communication) constantly serving as guides in all decisions we make.
Our Focus
Our approach this year will be to build a team that continues to improve on a day-to-day basis. We'll play one game at a time to see where we stand on reaching our potential. Our number one goal for the season will be to be the very best basketball team we can be as we progress through the season. We have the potential to be the best in the region and one of the best in the state.
Have one Mindset
  • Do not lose focus
  • Become fundamentally sound
  • Play pressure defense for 32 minutes
  • Attact offense as well as defense aggressively
  • Believe in the system
One Step at a Time

We will measure our success internally by seeing the players progress individually. We feel like we have a very good schedule, which will allow us to do that. I think this team is going to have to rely on each other. I think when it comes down to it they are going to have to build trust and rely more on each other to get it done. There's no question that last year's success makes us much more hungry. That success was just a glimpse of what we want this program to stand for. Every player from the top to the bottom feels eagerness to Lakeside Girl's Basketball, a program to be reckoned with. The chemistry of this year is different because of their mental and physical maturing; I can really say this team is special.
When I look at this team, I think of athleticism. At every position we have great athletes and great competitors who won't back down from anyone. I see our players really busting through and coming into the season just eager and anxious to get started. While the 2002-2003 season becomes a distant memory, it solidified the hard work that has been put into building the Lakeside Girl's Basketball Program. Heading into the season, on a solid foundation in which we can continue to build upon and there's an eagerness to get started. Last year established us. We turned a corner and now we can gain momentum. After you turn the corner, then you put your foot on the gas.

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