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Education: | B.A. the University of Georgia, Spanish 2014
Telephone: 678-874-6702 
Tutorial hours: Monday's after school 3:20p.m. to 3:55 p.m. in room 2611. You need to notify me through email in order for me to know if you will be coming. 
Turning in late Assignments : 
Students have 3 days after an assignment was assigned to turn it in for late credit. 
February 27th Test on Unit 3 Lesson 2 
Notebook Checks are not accepted late 



School Year 2017-2018


Course Name

Spanish I B

Course Code


School Name

Lakeside High School

Teacher Name

Bijan Golshani

School Phone Number

678-874- 6702 

Teacher Email  

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Teacher Website

Tutorial Times

Mondays after school; 3:20 -4:00pm *see below **Room 2611**

Cost of Textbook



Course Description: In this semester, the focus is on how to use the Spanish language as a tool to gather information, narrate, and express and support opinions. Additional study in grammar facilitates these skills. Activities include readings in Spanish history and literature, written and oral reports, discussion on current, historical, and literary topics, and interactive technology.  There will also be information about the global community and marketplace.

Curriculum Overview

The following academic concepts will be covered. THIS IS ONLY A GUIDE AND IS SUBJECT TO CHANGE.


Unit 3   – Puerto Rico (Comer en familia)

Unit 4  – España (En el centro)

Unit 5 – Ecuador (¡Bienvenido a nuestra casa!)




 Avancemos 1



Replacement Cost


Online book and/or resources

Online student access code (school specific)

Provided individually


GRADING SYSTEM: The DeKalb County School District believes that the most important assessment of student learning shall be conducted by the teachers as they observe and evaluate students in the context of ongoing classroom instruction. A variety of approaches, methodologies, and resources shall be used to deliver educational services and to maximize each student’s opportunity to succeed. Teachers shall evaluate student progress, report grades that represent the student’s academic achievement, and communicate official academic progress to students and parents in a timely manner through the electronic grading portal. See Board Policy IHA.




Assessment During Learning – 25%

Guided, Independent, or Group Practice – 45%

Summative Assessment or Assessment of Learning– 30%

A             90 – 100                               ~P (pass)

B             80 – 89                                 ~F (fail)                

C             71 – 79

D             70

F              Below 70







Semester progress reports shall be issued four and a half, nine and thirteen and a half weeks into each semester.  The progress of students shall be evaluated frequently and plans shall be generated to remediate deficiencies as they are discovered. Plans shall include appropriate interventions designed to meet the needs of the students. See Board Policy IH.


Students will not engage in an act of academic dishonesty including, but not limited to, cheating, providing false information, falsifying school records, forging signatures, or using an unauthorized computer user ID or password. See the Code of Student Conduct - Student Rights and Responsibilities and Character Development Handbook.


Homework assignments should be meaningful and should be an application or adaptation of a classroom experience.  Homework is at all times an extension of the teaching/learning experience.  It should be considered the possession of the student and should be collected, evaluated and returned to the students. See Board Policy IHB.



When a student is absent because of a legal reason as defined by Georgia law or when the absence is apparently beyond the control of the student, the student shall be given an opportunity to earn grade(s) for those days absent. Make-up work must be completed within the designated time allotted. See Board Policy IHEA.



Be prepared with materials and homework, and be in the desk when the bell rings—failure to do so may be counted as a tardy.  Be courteous, cooperative, and respectful to others.  Be a pro-active student by following all directions the first time given and by maintaining a clean, safe environment in which food, drinks, and grooming are not permitted.  Do not use cell phones and/or iPods (or any other electronic devices) in the classroom. Keep them put away out of sight.


Avancemos Textbook 1, composition notebook, paper, and writing utensils.



Every Monday from 3:20-4:00 in my classroom, there will be Spanish Tutorials.

Grade Breakdown

Assessment During Learning – 25%

Guided, Independent, or Group Practice – 45%

Summative Assessment – 30%

Quizzes: oral, vocab, grammar (50)

Notebook  (100)

Tests (100)

Mini Project Presentations (50) 

Weekly Classroom Participation (25) 

Projects (100)


Assignments (50) 

Puerto Rico Culture Assignment
Due at the beginning of class on February 2nd
Need to have a paragraph in written form about a specific topic of the Puerto Rican Culture
(food, music, sports, history, school system, religion, ethnicity, geography, etc.)  that interests you. 
You will present to the class  about your topic. 
Paragraph (5 sentences) needs to include:
  • background information about the topic 
  • Why you are interested in it 
Read Comparacion Cultural with a partner 
p.152 and 170 
Discuss with them the differences of our culture compared to Puerto Rico
Unidad 3 Leccion 2  Notebook 2
  1. El vocabulario p.183 Write spanish and english (February 1st) 
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