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Physical Science Homework and Due Dates
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Physical Science EOC 
The Physical Science EOC is on April 27th and 30th.  There are two parts to the Milestone for this course.  Students will need to know the following topics:
About Me 
My name is Ms. Amanda Inmon.  I served in the Navy for 5 years starting at age 17.  I joined the military immediately after graduating from Athens High School in Athens, Texas.  I served in the military in Norfolk, Virginia, Virginia Beach, Virginia, and Portsmouth, Virginia.  I have visited Greece, Italy, Spain, Ghana, Guinea, Djbouti, and Bahrain.
After I left the military, I got my Bachelor's Degree in Biology with a Concentration in Education and graduated with Honors from Old Dominion University.  My Bachelor's Degree was completely payed for due to my time in the service!  Even though I was number 18 in my high school class and received a 4.0 GPA, I only recieved one scholarship and was not able to pay my way through college.  The military gave me the opporutnity to earn enough money to get my Degree in Teaching and even helped me transition back into Civillian life.
I then moved on to get my Master's Degree in Science Education from Old Dominion University.  
I moved to Georgia after Graduating College.  I started teaching in 2014 in Shiloh High School in Gwinnett County.  I received my Gifted Certification in 2015 and my AP Biology Training in 2016.   The Summer of 2017 I became broad field Certified to teach any science class offered in Georgia.
I have served time in the Gwinnett County Public School System and Dekalb County Public School System.  I became a teacher because I want to share my experience and provide opportunities to students that remind me of myself growing up.   
Virtual Learning Days 1 and 2 
Virtual Learning days are coming in March!  Students must log onto Verge and complete the two assignments located in the Virtual Learning Folder.
This can be accomplished in three Easy Steps after the students logs into Verge: 
1.  Students will log onto Verge and Click on Courses.  Students will choose Physical Science from the dropdown menu. 
2. Once students have chosen my class, they will scroll down until they see the folder in the news feed labeled Virtual Learning Day One and Virtual Learning Day 2.
3. Click on the Blue links to view the following assignments:
 4.  Complete the assignments for both days by March 9th.
You must go to to access your Gizmo for your labs.
The class code is BJW5N5PMJM.  You will place this in the class code section when logging into your account.
If you forgot your account log in information, you must either reset the password or make a new account.  I do not have the access to change your passwords for you. 
Classroom Rules: 
Tutoring starts promptly at 3:15 pm.  Late students will be turned away and asked to attend a new session.  Students must sign up for afternoon tutoring.  Tutoring location is normally in room 1610; however, I am a floating teacher.  In some cases, this room is used by the homeroom teacher.  Locations may change.  This is the reason students must sign up for tutoring before hand so they know where to meet me.  Tutoring can be scheduled by appointment time outside of regular tutoring hours of Tuesday @ 3:15.  Students must have a conversation with the teacher.  Any student that shows up without an appointment, may not find me in class as I may have other obligations I must fulfill.  Students are welcolmed to stop by any day after school; however, Tuesday is the main tutoring scheduled day.
Make Up Work
Make up work must be turned in, in a timely manner in order to counted for full credit.  Students have the same number of days they were absent to make up the work missed during school (max of 5 days).  Students must either use this website or come after school to Room 1610 to obtain their make up work. 
Students who choose not to turn in their make up work during these parameters will have to make up these assignments during remediation.  Please remember that remedation only lets students make up 2 zeroes. Remediation will be offered at the descretion of the teacher.  
Remediation will be offered 2-3 times a semester at teacher discretion.  Only eligible students will be able to participate in remediation.  Students who were present in class and chose not to participate in work are not eligible for this oppurtunity. 
Any student who needs help with their make-up work for remediation may come to tutoring if they do not understand the remediation sheet or what they are missing on infinite campus.  This will allow the teacher to re-counsel the student and provide the work to the student so they can make up any two zeros in the gradebook per remediation period offered.  Please keep in mind, that any student who chooses to wait until remediation to do make-up work will receive a maximum grade of a 70%.  Students must turn work in by the make-up deadline to recieve full credit.
Remediation only applies to students with zeros.  If your student does not have a zero in the gradebook, this is simply a progress report and needs to be signed and turned into the teacher. 
I have posted 4 folders to Verge to help students locate their missing assignments.  Remediaiton is due on April 9th. 
Remind 101 
Remind 101 code for Parents is Inmonpar.  Sign up at to get text updates on when important assignments are due.
Students need to use this website to complete Guided Notes.  All homework due dates and class assignments may also be found on this Website. 
Notebook Checklist for Notebook Grades.  Notebooks must be together for student to receive credit.  All foldables and Guided Notes from each chapter are to be in one section.  They do not need to be in a specific order; however, they can not be mixed in with other chapters.  They all must appear on the table of contents and be in the same section.  Students who do not have a notebook will recieve a 0% for their notebook check even if they have the foldables and notes.  They MUST be glued into a notebook for credit.  Dates Shown are the dates the check is conducted.
                               1/19/2018Notebook Check One
                                 2/9/2018Notebook Check Two 
                              2/23/2018 Notebook Check Three
                                3/9/2018 Notebook Check Four
                             3/23/2018 Notebook Check Five 
Vocabulary Contracts:
These assignments must be brought to class everyday or a 5 point deduction will be administered.  Last semester several students would claim they had completed these assignemnts or they were left at home or in a locker.  This semester all students must have the assignment or a 5 point deduction will be applied.  The students will be requried to work on these assignments in class.  Everyday they forget this assignment the student will start over on the assignment until they have a completed artificat.  This will allow the student to gain some points instead of recieving a 0%.  This is important because these assignments count as two grades.
The county has requested that all teachers incorporate a literacy component into our curriculum.  These vocabulary contracts meet this requirement.  Some students may dislike these assignments because they have to write; however, they are a major part of the students grades.   This being said, Number 4 on the vocabulary contracts is mandatory.  The format for students to use on this assignment is attached below.
Students will have classtime and one full week to complete each contract. 
My Calendar and the Standards may be located on my Physical Science Page Link Above. 
Please feel free to contact me anytime at  If your student is in a Co-Taught Class, my Co-Teacher (Mr. Jackson), may answer your emails or your questions.  Mr. Jackson helps perform all duties in the classroom.  He helps teach, grade, apply accomodations, models, and redirects.  He is able to answer any questions as thouroughly as myself.  His email is
Online Book 
Online Physical Science Book
User Name: PScience310
Password: govikings (all lowercase) 
Parent Resources

Brain Friendly Learning and the Research that supports it…

Academic Honesty

Academic Honesty

Cornell’s Guide to Academic Integrity


Countdown to College

College Planning from the College Board

Coloring in the Classroom

Graphic Organizers: Graphic organizers are visual thinking tools that demonstrate relationships between facts, concepts, or ideas, and guide your thinking as you design the map or diagram. Graphic organizers can help to visualize and construct ideas, organize and/or sequence information, plan what to write, increase reading comprehension, brainstorm, organize problems and solutions, compare and contrast ideas, show cause and effect, and more. The ability to color-code thoughts in a picture can help significantly in understanding and remembering the information. Dr. Parrott uses graphic organizers in notes, assignments and they are required on all crib sheets in preparation for every test/exam.

Graphic organizers aid students in developing critical thinking and other higher order thinking skills. (Brookbank,, 1999; DeWispelaere & Kossack, 1996)

Graphic organizers are a helpful tool for improving retention and recall of information for students at all age and skill levels.

(Bos & Anders, 1992; Ritchie & Volkl, 2000)

Graphic organizers may help students develop stronger problem-solving and general mathematical skills and knowledge.

(Braselton & Decker, 1994; Monroe & Orme, 2002)

Graphic organizers may help second language learners improve higher order thinking skills.

(DeWispelaere & Kossack, 1996)

Graphic organizers seem to be quite beneficial for use with learning disabled students, as they help students comprehend content area material, organize information, and retain and recall content.

(Boyle & Weishaar, 1997; Gardill & Jitendra, 1999; Kim et al., 2004)

Interactive Notebooks

An interactive notebook is a tool students use to make connections prior to new learning, to revise their thinking, and to deepen their understandings of the world around them. It is the culmination of a student’s work throughout the year that shows both the content learned (input) and the reflective knowledge (output) gained.

Teaching Science With Interactive Notebooks by Kellie Marcarelli

Mallozzi, F., & Heilbronner, N. (2013). The Effects of Using Interactive Student Notebooks and Specific Written Feedback on Seventh Grade Students' Science Process Skills. Electronic Journal of Science Education, 17(3).

Note Taking


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College Board/Khan Academy SAT Practice(Link your College Board account to Khan Academy so that students may practice for the SAT for free)

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