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Salutations Parents & Welcome to Ms. Inmon's Biology class at Lakeside High School.
I am Ms. Amanda Inmon and I have the honor and pleasure of helping your child uncover the best of biology during this academic school year. Please allow me to introduce my class to you.
I see my role in the classroom as a personal trainer and your student as the athlete. It is my responsibility to evaluate their strengths and weaknesses and then prescribe a program of nutrition (biology content) and exercises (biology assignments) to help them reach their main goals (proficiency in biology, disciplined study skills and excitement or appreciation for the sciences). 
I will show your athlete how to build their brains through appropriate meals and activities so they can get the most out of their program. I will encourage them and correct them when necessary, but I can only provide the framework as THEY will have to do the actual WORK. We will do as much as we can in the 50 minutes that we have in the classroom, but it may take more practice (and your assistance) for your athlete to reach their full potential.
It Takes a Village
Parental involvement is vital to the academic success of students. Hopefully this electronic newsletter will be one way that you can stay abreast of classroom happenings and positively encourage your child's progress. Please encourage your athlete to NOT be a couch potato but to complete their biology exercises to the best of their ability.
Student Progress 
You should be able to check your child's current grade in parent portal at
Upcoming Assignments
Assignments are generally posted on the board in the classroom. Please encourage your child to check and write assignments daily in their agenda book--which they received in homeroom. It may help your child if you check their agenda book as needed, to make sure they are keeping up with their responsibilities.  I am more than happy to sign agenda books at the end of the period to ensure that your child has correctly copied their assignments if they need this extra help.  All content is also available to the students on the Verge Website. 
Remind 101 
Remind 101 code for Parents is Inmonpar.  Sign up at to get text updates on when important assignments are due.
Students must use Verge to complete Guided Notes.  All homework due dates and class assignments may also be found on Verge. 
Notebooks must be together for student to receive credit.  All items MUST be glued into a notebook for credit.  Any student actively glueing items in their books the day the notes are due, will receive a 0%.  Students who have items not glued in but present will receive partial credit.  It is better to take the partial credit than to get a 0%.  Do not cheat.
General Biology-Notebooks do not have to be in a specific order.  Every two weeks a check will be conducted.  As long as all their work is in the notebook, they will get credit.  Each two week period counts as a section.  All section materials must be glued consecutively or they will not count towards the grade. 
Gifted Biology-Notebooks must be in a specific order.  Notebooks must be arranged by date. Any student that does not have their notebook on the day of the check, will get a 0%.
Anatomy and Physiology- Notebooks must be in a specific order.  Notebooks must be arranged by date. Any student that does not have their notebook on the day of the check, will get a 0%.
Vocabulary Contracts:
This is an important assignment because it counts as two grades.  The students will have one school week and one weekend to complete the items on the list.  Items must be neat but they do not need to be on poster boards.  Students may use colored paper, card stock, computer paper, or notecards.  These are options to choose from but not limited to these items.  Students are allowed to be creative.  All items can be done on an 8 1/2 inch by 11 inch sheet of card stock, computer paper, ect.
Each number was discussed thouroughly in class on several occasions.  Students practiced number four in class thorugh guided practice.  The following is a description of each number in addition to the assignment sheet to help aid students who need extra instruction.  This counts as a homework grade in the gradebook.  Several options are fowarded to the students for completion of each number.  Some students may go above and beyond rubric requirements.  Extra Credit points can be earned for students who do exceptional work at teacher's discretion.
#1-3   Students must create a foldable of some sort to display numbers 1-3.  This can be done on a clean piece of computer
           paper.  Students must include the dictionary respelling of each word to receive credit for number 2.  Remember Card 
           stock is not necessary on any of the assignments, there are several options.  (Should be completed in class)
#4      Is a mandatory requirement for all vocabulary contracts.  Students must use the following format when writing their
           sentences.  Students must not simply write a definition from the back of the book or no credit will be given.
           Students will be given a list of words with a number written behind it: Biology (6.1).  The first number lets 
           the student know how many words must be in the sentence.  The second number tells the student where in that
           sentence the vocabulary term must be.  We are going to use Biology (6.1) for our example.   Biology is the study of life. 
           Biology is the first word in this six word sentence, thus meeting the requirement in the directions.  Remember students
           are using the dictionary definition and rewritting it in their own words. This number is very important to help aid and
           teach students to re-write sentences in their own words by demonstrating to them how to re-arrange the words in a
           sentence to achieve the same meaning using different word order.  This will help the student become a better writer
           while also demonstrating how they can avoid plagarism.  This number also helps students identify the important parts
           of the definition,  because in many cases parts of the definition must be left out in order to meet the requirements on 
           the sheet.  Students will  become better writers by cutting out the fluff and only reporting what is absolutely  
           necessary.  This number also makes the students use critical thinking skills to determine which parts are important to
           the definition's meaning.  This will also teach students to write more detailed sentences or more complex sentences 
          depending on word requirements.  The more students practice, the easier this number will become.  This has moved to an in
          class only assignment on the Friday's the vocabulary work is handed out. 
#5     Students must create a word collage (Should be completed in class).  
          b.  They may  clip words and letters out of a newspaper or magazine and glue them together. 
          c.  Students may type words in different sizes and fonts in Word and cut and paste them to create a Wordle. 
          d.  This can be drawn completely by hand but words must be different sizes, different fonts, and move in different
#6     Crossword Puzzle not to be confused with Word Searches which will not count as credit. (Should be completed in class)
          a.  Students may use any online crossword puzzle maker.
          b.  Students may do this completely by hand.  This option will be used in class for any student that does not bring a
         c.  Graph Paper is welcome.
         d.  Word Processor can be used 
#7    Students must create a board game.  The board must be drawn, directions must be included, and all pieces needed to
         play the game must accompany the game board.  Students may also create a game using an online website.  Quizlets
         and flashcards/matching games will recieve you no credit.  Gifted:  These do not need to be colored and can be the size
         of a  regular piece of paper.  Dice and game tokens are not needed; only the parts of the game that deal with the
         vocabualry words  need to be turned in.  This should take a maximum of 20 minutes.
#8   A pictures must accompany the vocabulary terms.  A connecting word must be used on the arrows to show the
       relationship of the words seen in the example below. This should only take 15 minutes.  Gifted:  If your student is turning
       a poster board for this assignment, they are going above and beyond the rubric expectations.
                                                                         Image result for concept map word relations
 #9  Students must write a three paragraph story.  The story must have an introduction, one body paragraph, and a
        conclusion.  Words used must be used correctly.  They can not simply be listed.  Words must be integrated fully into
        their story and show context (proper use) and understanding (definition).  This item should take 15 minutes to complete.
        Word Processor may be used. 
#10 Similar to Number 8 except you will use definitions instead of pictures.  This item should take 15 minutes to complete. 
        Word  Processor may be used. Giant posters versions are not necessary.   If your student is turning in poster for this 
        a assignment they are going above and beyond the rubric expectations. 
#11 This number can not be done if numbers 1-3 were chosen.  You can only do this number if you did not choose
        numbers 1-3.  This must be in a flipbook format.  Pictures must accompany your definitions.  You will basically make
        a picture dictionary.  This item should take 15 minutes to complete.
Examples of all these numbers are available on the wall in the classroom. 
The county has requested that all teachers incorporate a literacy component into our curriculum.  These vocabulary contracts meet this requirement.  Some students may dislike these assignments because they have to write; however, they are a major part of the students grades.   This being said, Number 4 on the vocabulary contracts is mandatory. 
Students will have classtime and one full week to complete each contract.  Each item should only take 15-20 minutes to complete.  Three of the items should be done before the students leave class on the Friday the words are passed out.  Students should only be completing 70 points worth of vocabulary work at home.  They should only be doing 2 to 4 items at home every other night to reach the required amount of practice using the vocabulary terms.
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